Class QBFC::Account
In: lib/qbfc/lists/account.rb
Parent: List


Included Modules


Public Class methods

Adds a SpecialAccount, per SDK documentation: "An account normally created automatically as needed within the QuickBooks UI, or in the SDK via the SpecialAccountAdd request."

account_type should be a constent, for example:

  Account.add_special(sess, QBFC_CONST::SatAccountsPayable)

See SDK docs for SpecialAccountAdd for more details.


    # File lib/qbfc/lists/account.rb, line 16
16:       def add_special(sess, account_type)
17:         rq =, "SpecialAccountAdd")
18:         rq.special_account_type = account_type
20:         new(sess, rq.response)
21:       end