Class QBFC::Info
In: lib/qbfc/info.rb
Parent: Base

Info objects are those which have only one instance within Quickbooks, which are: Company, CompanyActivity, Host and Preferences.

Access through QBFC for these objects is read-only.

QBFC::Info can be accessed via session::company, for example, or through QBFC::Company::get(session).



Public Class methods

Get the Info object for the given session. session.[qb_name] aliases this functionality. For example QBFC::Company.get(session) and are equivalent.

It accepts the follow options as a hash:

  • :owner_id: One or more OwnerIDs, used in accessing custom fields (aka private data extensions).


    # File lib/qbfc/info.rb, line 20
20:       def get(sess, *args)
21:         # Setup q, options and base_options arguments

22:         q, options, base_options = parse_find_args(*args)
23:         q ||= create_query(sess)
24:         q.apply_options(options)
26:         new(sess, q.response)
27:       end