Class QBFC::QBClass
In: lib/qbfc/lists/qb_class.rb
Parent: List

QBClass objects represent QuickBooks SDK‘s Class objects. As naming this Class Class would be impractical, it is instead called QBClass. It is otherwise similar to the other List classes.

From QBFC6 SDK docs:

Classes can be used to separate transactions into meaningful categories. (For example, transactions could be classified according to department, business location, or type of work.) In QuickBooks, class tracking is off by default.



Public Class methods

The QuickBooks SDK class is called ‘Class’. Calling this class QBClass avoids making ruby very angry; the qb_name method ensures that calls to QBFC use the correct name.


    # File lib/qbfc/lists/qb_class.rb, line 20
20:       def qb_name
21:         "Class"
22:       end