Path: lib/qbfc/qb_types.rb
Last Update: Mon Oct 26 12:56:53 -0500 2009

This file sets up the classes for QuickBooks entities, transactions and reports that are not setup elsewhere (at this point, this file is only used for "weird" classes.


QBFC_NON_STANDARD_TYPES = %w{ DataExt DataExtDef DataEventRecoveryInfo ItemAssembliesCanBuild}   Very non-standard elements. I haven‘t yet formed an approach to dealing with these; I leave them here as a reminder.
QBFC_QUERY_TYPES = %w{BillToPay ListDeleted ReceivePaymentToDeposit Template TxnDeleted}   Query types support Query requests only and return an itemized list of some sort; most of these may be integrated as special finders for their types.